Lecture on Beauty with Gerwin de Vries

Last summer, Gerwin de Vries lectured in a symposium on beauty, initiated by the National Cultural Heritage Agency and Staatsbosbeheer. In response to the spatial issues piling up in the limited space we have, this symposium was created to reflect on spatial quality and how we can achieve it. In the lecture, Gerwin talked about projects that have a landscape quality, but are also underlying robust enough to address current issues. For example, the Holtland project (research into new forest in the Netherlands), the Gangen research and the Wadden coast project.

Other speakers at this symposium were Adriaan Geuze (TU Delft), Kim Zweerink (Mooi Noord-Holland), Frits Gierstberg (Nederlands Fotomuseum), Gido ten Dolle (Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit BZK) en Anne van Kuijk (Provincie Noord-Brabant) en workshops van Marieke van de Blaak en Nelleke den Boon (Staatsbosbeheer), Roy Damen (B+B), Loes van der Vegt (Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta) en Loes Lansink (Waterschap Rijn en Ijssel). 

Would you like to know more? You can watch the symposium here

New workspace Flux!

Since one year, Flux has a new workspace in the middle of Rotsoord and we are very proud of our new office space. A large lunch table with space for meetings and debates, several meeting rooms, a garden to experiment with planting, a model room and, of course, a table tennis table adjacent to the office. The photo's were taken by Lonneke Buijs.

Ringpark Zuid Tilburg

After a selection, Flux was commissioned to design Ringpark Zuid in Tilburg. The Ringpark Zuid has the potential to become a new city park for Tilburg, containing places to stay, urban programme, but also space for nature and water storage. The park forms an assignment together with the transformation and densification of adjacent building blocks. In collaboration with Studioninedots and Guido Wallagh. Commissioned by the municipality of Tilburg and TBV Wonen.

Flux on excursion in Paris

Flux went on a field trip to Paris! Over 20 projects were looked at and in this full programme the team also paid a quick visit to the agency Agence TER. The excursion consisted of a beautiful 3-day cycling etappe that included, among others; Parc de la Villette, Parc de Billancourt, La Petite Ceinture and Parc des Buttes Chaumont. With thanks to David de Boer for the tour in Jardin des Plantes. It was a nice combination of classical and contemporary designs with beautiful places and a lot of inspiration for our next projects!

15 new landscape parks for the Netherlands!

The results of the design research Gangen have been presented. The research, which was started by Flux two years ago together with Synchroon, proposes to create 15 new landscape parks on the edges of several Dutch cities, where spatial quality is under pressure. The landscape parks can play a crucial role in major landscape challenges such as water storage, food production and increasing biodiversity. At the same time, they can create new recreational routes between city and countryside and offer opportunities for medium-density housing in the periphery. The concept thus answers both landscape challenges and the demand for new housing. The concept transcends the scale of landowners or municipalities and thus calls for new regional coalitions.

In cooperation with &Bogdan and Stadkwadraat and advisory board Sylvia KarresPaul Roncken and Co Verdaas. The elaboration of the concept will be explored at several locations in the near future.

Would you like to know more? Take a look at the project Gangen or the website Gangen

The Netherlands in 2100

After a selection phase, Flux has been commissioned to research and depict what the Netherlands could look like in 2100. In this assignment, different narratives will be developed for the Netherlands, answering issues around nature, agriculture, urbanisation and energy. Commissioned by the Ministry BZK and from the programme Mooi Nederland.

Image: Analysis of the Netherlands

Vision Deventer station area

After a selection procedure, Flux landscape architecture was chosen to develop a vision for the Deventer station area, also known as the Kien Campus. The vision examines how the area can be developed in the future and how urban densification and an attractive public space can come together. Design principles such as water storage, mobility, nature and program are proposed for different types of public spaces.

Commissioned by the municipality of Deventer

Would you like to know more? Kien Campus Deventer

Selected for station area Culemborg

Flux and SVP architecture and urbanism were selected as designteam for the public space of the station area of Culemborg. In the coming years, the area around the station will be densified into an area with an attractive urban character. A maximally green and inviting public space is an important part of the design and issues of water storage, heat stress and residential quality play a crucial role here. Together with SVP, Flux is forming the design team for the urban plan and the design of the public space. Commissioned by the municipality of Culemborg.

Final symposium design research Holtland

Since 2021, Flux has been working on the design research Holtland. We will conclude this research with a final symposium in which the results of the research will be presented. After the presentations, there will be an open discussion about new forests in the Netherlands. We would like to invite you to attend this symposium. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for talks and drinks. Will you be there too? You can register for this symposium via this link

13.30-13.45  walk-in and coffee
13.45             introduction (start of the research and programme by Flux)
14.00-14.30 Gerwin de Vries 
                      (owner/landscape architect at Flux landscape 
                      architecture) on the results of the design research Holtland 
14.30-15.00 Wouter Delforterie 
                      (Programme manager 'Bomen en Bos' of the province of Gelderland) on the approach in the
                       province of Gelderland
15.15- 15.45 Wouter van Eck 
                       (designer, teacher and food forest farmer) on the 
                       design and construction of food forests
15.45 - 16.15 An van Veen 
                       (programme leader Staatsbosbeheer) about the strategy of Staatsbosbeheer for creating new
                       forests in the Netherlands
16.15             Reflection with all present, guided by Paul Roncken 
                       (Provincial Advisor Spatial Quality Utrecht)
16.45            Finnisage and drinks

Work visit Hugo de Jonge

On 13 September, outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge visited a group of landscape architects and urban designers, invited by BSNP/NVTL titled the 'Ontwerpkrachtcentrale'. An initiative aimed at introducing the minister into design practice based on a number of exemplary projects. Flux' project the Edible Waddencoast (part of the exhibition Sponsland) and the design research into new landscape parks in the Netherlands (Gangen) were discussed with the minister.

Read more here Ontwerpkrachtcentrale

With thanks to Lieneke van CampenJasper NijveldtKarres en BrandsPeter VeenstraLOLA Landscape ArchitectsDeborah LambertFelixx Landscape Architects & PlannersMona zum FeldeDefacto UrbanismHarro WieringaWitteveen+Bos, Maurits De Hoog, Gido Ten DolleRenson van TilborgMinisterie van Binnenlandse Zaken en KoninkrijksrelatiesBen KuipersJoeri de BekkerNVTL en Eric van der Kooij BNSP

Photo's by Corstiaan van Pelt