Van Hasseltlaan Delft

Flux is working on a design assignment commissioned by DUWO. The project area in Delft will accommodate new student housing and Flux is designing it's public space that is connected to the adjacent park. The design of the public space focuses on nature inclusivity, water storage, activities and relaxation.

In collaboration with Vakwerk Architecten, the municipality of Delft and commissioned by Duwo.

​Delfland scenario study

Commissioned by Hoogheemraadschap Delfland, Flux is working with ZUS on a design research on the future resilience of the water system in Delfland in 2100. The project will elaborate several spatial scenarios in which both the strategy and the future image will differ. In the research functioning and robustness of the water system, the relationship between fresh and salt, the spatial consequences for different land use and the changing relationship between town and country are being examined. The research is part of the Redesigning Deltas research programme. In collaboration with Deltares.

Vision Stationsgebied Hoofddorp

Commissioned by the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer and in collaboration with De Zwarte Hond Flux recently completed a vision for the station area of Hoofddorp. The station area includes the subareas Graan voor Visch and Stationskwartier. Flux worked on the future design of the public space. Characteristic for Hoofddorp is the green framework as the guiding grid structure of the Haarlemmermeer polder. The ribbons and canals serve as an important carrier to strengthen the ecological and climate-adaptive values of Hoofddorp, with greenery and water forming an integral part of the vision. The public space of the station area is approached at five different scale levels, from large to small. In it, landscape structures, parks, streets, squares and green around buildings are part of a series of outdoor spaces. By visualising the scale levels as a series of types, opportunities for each type can be optimised. These opportunities have been translated into quantifiable measures and principles per layer. For instance, there are keys for water storage, greening and mixed use in both public spaces and within the building plots.

In the coming period, the municipality of Haarlemmermeer will enter into discussions with interested parties about this concept Development Framework. Commissioned by Gemeente Haarlemmermeer and in cooperation with De Zwarte HondAPPMSwecoGoudappel Coffeng B.V.MVRDV and Stec Groep

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Hoofdorp Stationskwartier

Spoorzone Hoofddorp

Start of design research Stadsflora

Flux starts the design research project Stadsflora. In the project, Flux wants to conduct design research into future-proof planting plans in the city. Climate change is making cities warmer and wetter, while at the same time biodiversity is declining. Dutch cities will have to be better prepared by greening up. Flux sees the need for a radically different way of dealing with planting in the city, with planting plans that better accommodate changing conditions. How can planting be robust and future-proof? What does a natural approach to urban planting look like and what are the design principles for this? How does planting help combat heat stress, collect rainwater and improve biodiversity? 

Several Dutch cities are involved in the study. In specific cases, Flux works closely with designers and the cities' management, green space and ecology departments. The cases serve as examples for designers and planners in the Netherlands to design and develop future plans for green space in cities. Funded by the Stimuleringsonfds Creatieve Industrie.
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Oostenburg in the Parool

The Parool: 'Coincidentally, this street is also one of Oostenburg's most charming, as it gives access to a picturesque courtyard. Designed by Flux landscape architecture...'

The Oostenburg project is reviewed in the Parool. After winning the tender, Flux has been working on the project since 2017 in which a ground-level courtyard and four roof gardens have been designed. The courtyard is characterised by a floor of reused, broken stelcon plates in different sizes and a wadi in the centre of the court. The planting grows through the paving which will create a naturalised green oasis in the coming years. In collaboration with OZ architects, Workshop architects and Schadenberg and commissioned by Vorm ontwikkeling.

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Symposium Green Cities TU Delft

In what ways did city and forest work together in the past, and in what ways could they work together in the future? These are the key questions behind the ‘forest urbanism initiative’ of TU Delft's Urban Forestry research group. On Thursday 14 December, they will organize the 2nd symposium from Green Cities Europe - NL with lectures by various experts, including Gerwin de Vries.

The speakers, panelists and the audience will together discuss opportunities, possibilities and guidelines for the future; about the relationship between the Netherlands' forests and urban issues, how to deal with forests in and around our cities, or developing a new kind of 'forest urbanism'.

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Date: 14 December
Time: 13.00 - 17.30 hours
Location: Delft University of Technology, Berlage Rooms, Julianalaan 134 (Building 8), 2628 BL Delft
Language: English
Cost: Free participation, registration required

Climate-adaptive stations Oude Lijn

Flux has been commissioned by Prorail to conduct a design research on climate-adaptive stations along the Oude Lijn. The project will examine different station areas and develop concrete measures and principles for different station types and station areas. This research is a follow-up to the exploratory design research Climate Adaptive Stations together with Bureau SpoorbouwmeesterNS Stations and ProRail.

Flux werkt aan Binckhorst Den Haag

In de Binckhorst wordt gebouwd aan een nieuw stuk stad. Het voormalige bedrijventerrein van 130 hectare groot wordt getransformeerd tot een aantrekkelijk stedelijk gemengd woon-, werk- en leefgebied in het centrum van Den Haag. Het is daarmee een van de grootste binnenstedelijke transformaties in Nederland.

In opdracht van de Gemeente Den Haag gaan we samen met  BURADe Mannen van SchuimPartnersRO en Stadkwadraat BV en APPM Management Consultants aan de slag met de gebiedsvisie en bijbehorende ontwikkelstrategie voor de doorontwikkeling van de Binckhorst. In een interactief proces met de gemeente en betrokken stakeholders bouwen wij, met het unieke DNA van de Binckhorst als vertrekpunt, aan een ambitieuze visie. Ook bieden we handvatten voor meer sturing en regie op de kwaliteit van de toekomstige Binckhorst. De focus ligt op meer regie op de ontwikkeling en op meer ruimtelijke kwaliteit in het gebied, met respect voor de bestaande stad en alles dat daarbij hoort. De ontwikkelstrategie voor de doorontwikkeling van de Binckhorst gaat zowel in op het ‘wat’ als de strategie om daar te komen, het ‘hoe’.

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Rixt en Kasper winners Graduation Award Blauwe Kamer!

The winners of the Graduation Award, organized by Blauwe Kamer, were announced on Thursday, November 16. Three colleagues from Flux were nominated for the award: Kasper NeelemanBritt Piek and Rixt Meeuwissen. In the bachelor projects, the first prize went to Rixt Meeuwissen with her project on a new city park in Rotterdam-West. In the master projects, Kasper Neeleman took second prize with his park design in an old stone quarry near Maastricht. Flux is very proud of this achievement and also congratulates the other winners of the Graduation Awards.

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Graduation Award 2023

Flux is looking for interns!

Flux is looking for new interns per February/March 2024!