Plan for Boerhaeve Schalkwijk

Flux was part of team Heijmans for the design of Boerhaeve Schalkwijk. Click here to see the submission. The competition was in collaboration with Korth Tielens, Marcel Lok_Architect (ML_A), Bets en Oudendorp. Images by Studio Zwartlicht.

Flux, Boerhaeve Haarlem 


Kort Tielens 


Bets en Oudendorp 

Natuurlijke leefomgeving Hart van Holland

Flux and marco.broekman are selected to develop a vision on the natural living environment (Natuurlijke Leefomgeving) for Hart van Holland, a regional collaboration of ten municipalities surrounding the city of Leiden. Together with the municipality of Zoeterwoude we will organize a series of ateliers this year. For these sessions a diverse group of stakeholders will be invited to work on topics related to climate adaptation, water quality, biodiversity, soil subsidence and attractive landscapes with strong green-blue structures. Besides, we will interact with four parallel research processes in Hart van Holland this year: energy transition, urbanization, mobility and digital information services.


News item municipality of Zoeterwoude 

Testing the clinker brick pattern of the NPD inner garden

For a design of a collective inner garden, the Flux team visited the Vandersanden factory, where we experimented and tested with a pattern of clinker bricks. Afterwards, the team received a tour through the factory to gain insight into the production process.

Flux, NPD Strook Overvecht 


Flux on Provada with Amsterdam Oostenburg and NPD strook Utrecht

From the projects Oostenburg Amsterdam and NPD strook Utrecht, large scale models can be seen on Provada. Flux was part of the winning team for both tenders and is now working on the development of the plans.Team Oostenburg is formed by Flux, Vorm, OZ architects and Workshop architects. Flux collaborates with the municipality of Utrecht for the design of the public space of NPD. The buildings and inner gardens are being designed in collaboration with AM, NL Architects, Paul de Ruiter architects and Studioninedots. Models by Studio KU+.



Vorm op Provada 

Flux, Oostenburg Amsterdam

OZ architects 

Workshop architects 


AM op Provada    

Flux, NPD strook

NL architects 

Paul de Ruiter architects   


Municipality of Utrecht 

Studio KU+

Team Heijmans winner with project Vestibule!

Team Heijmans consisting of Studioninedots and Flux landscape architecture is one of the winners of the tender in Leidsche Rijn Center for plot H2 / H3. The plan is characterized by innovative integration of greenery in the facades and a collective greenhouse as the entrance area from the street. Images by Studio Prins.

Vestibule, Flux 

News item Heijmans  


Graadt van Roggenweg Utrecht

Flux and Charlotte Ernst presented the first results of their study on the Graadt van Roggenweg in Utrecht. The study will focus on neighboring companies, the relation between private and public space and the possibilities to improve the quality of public space during the multiple phases in the development of the station area.

Municipality of Utrecht 

Hof van Cartesius phase 1 in progress

The first phase of the ‘Hof van Cartesius’ project, a joint concept and initiative of Charlotte Ernst and Flux is in progress. All sorts of parties, led by Bianca and Charlotte Ernst, are working very hard to make the circular development of green workplaces possible, such as the Overvecht Vastgoed and Rhaw for architecture.

For more info check: 

Hof van Cartesius 


Hof van Cartesius, Flux 

Rhaw architecture 

Image: Charlotte Ernst

Preparation Fountain Hooverplein Leuven

Commissioned by the Municipality of Leuven, Flux will design a new public fountain on the Herbert Hooverplein in Leuven. The fountain will be a new public space that includes play opportunities for children. The design will be implemented by Rotsmaatwerk. Photos Rotsmaatwerk

Gemeente Leuven

City Wall Leuven 


First Stone Werkspoorpad by alderman Paulus Jansen

The Werkspoorpad is in progress and officially opened by alderman Paulus Jansen! The Werkspoorpad is an initiative and design by Flux landscape architecture and forms a 2,5km walk through the Werkspoorkwartier. The path connects a number of important places, such as station Zuilen, the Werkspoorkathedraal and the Hof of Cartesius. Parking is organized in a different way, which will increase the quality of stay for pedestrians and cyclists. The path is characterized by solid concrete bands with text and distance markings and can be expanded in the future. Commissioned by municipality of Utrecht and in collaboration with Charlotte Ernst. Photo Bob Scherrenberg (Werkspoorkathedraal), Paulus Jansen, Gerwin de Vries (Flux landscape architecture) and Charlotte Ernst.

Werkspoorpad Flux

Municipality of Utrecht

Werkspoorkwartier Circulair Flux