Park ter Walle Menen

Flux suggests to transform Park ter Walle into a citypark with a natural, monumental and active character. Old structures in the landscape will be reused and accentuated. Valuable remnants of the past are the Geluwebeek, the fortifications and the height differences, that are part of the historical stream valley. Current and new functions will be integrated in the park to promote sports and play and increase multifunctional use. The new park varies in quiet and lively areas reflecting a parklike and active atmosphere. The different parts and sceneries are well integrated and connected by a green framework and pathsystem to ensure the unity of the park. Flux explicitly chooses to establish the park in different small steps to allow the park to grow into a lively park and a distinguishable green public space in Menen.

A new pathsystem will improve the entrances to the park and increase the number of walking routes within the park. Concrete paths will include texts which tell the story of the city of Menen and the history of the fortification. In the central part of the park the current sportfields will create an open character and long views across the park. The old stream will be emphasized by the establishment of a pond with adventurous paths and play-spots. Furthermore, the pond will have an important role in improving the water regulation within the park. The fortifications create a beautiful scenery, during day and night. The soil that is left over from nearby building sites will be used to create grassy slopes with sit-elements and play-opportunities. The outdoor space of the school-building is naturally integrated in the design of the park.  Newly designed sit-elements will give the park a strong identity and appearance.

Menen, parkdesign, public space, Park ter Walle, Winvorm assignment, in collaboration with Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies (ARA), landscape architecture, waterstorage, landscape heritage, active public space, sports park, ecology, Flux landscape architecture, Utrecht, 2016