Eilanden van Hain

The 'Eilanden van Hain' will be the first energy-neutral district of Zaanstad. The landscape and urban structure of our plan is based on the principles of the North Holland landscape and characteristic Zaan villages. The qualities and scale of the surrounding landscape have been made tangible in the plan by interweaving the housing program in a natural way with water and nature. The North Holland landscape is, as it were, withdrawn from the plan area. Within the plan a contemporary translation of the typical North Holland village has been made, which has resulted in a cozy, pleasant and varied living program. The plan is characterized by green divisions, and family of different types of homes in wood, wide streets for multiple users and a network of shipping routes to your home.

The urban structure has been subtly integrated into the landscape and the environment. Where the neighboring buildings have been treated with respect and existing tree avenues have been retained. An important starting point in the design is the creation of new connections between the village of Krommenie and the open landscape. With a break from the Busch, we create a waterway that creates a seamless connection to the underlying polder landscape. Future residents and residents of Krommenie are again connected to the landscape through new walks, bicycles and sailing routes. Here you sail to your house and cycle smoothly into the vast polder landscape. Partly due to the cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer, the planning area is transformed from a back to a new front at Krommenie.

Krommenie, commissioned by AM, first prize tender 2017, in progress, i.c.w. Common Affairs, Staatsbosbeheer, Arcadis, BAM Energy Systems, Kuijs Reinder Kakes, Van der Tol and Beaumont communicatie, images A2STUDIO, park design, circular city, healthy city, climate-adaptive city, public space, transformation, densification, Flux landscape architecture Utrecht 2018